Heel Clinic consultants are musculoskeletal Podiatrists specialising in heel related ailments and associated conditions with over 40 years of combined experience, dealing in heel pain, associated ailments and rehabilitation therapies.

For 20 years the Heel Clinic’s principle of treatment has been one that is based on treating the prime cause of pain not just the symptoms.

  1. Plantar Fasciitis
  2. Achilles Tendonitis
  3. Severs (children 9-13 years)

1. Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis is two (2) fold

a) Early Onset 1-8 weeks
b) Long term sufferers 2 months-2 years plus

a) Early Onset
Contact the Clinic Helpline 1300 855 853 or Email: info@heelclinic.com for a free initial daily programme. This will prevent the commencement of incorrect and traditional forms of treatment that can potentially aggravate the ailment.
For advice any time please speak to a Consultant.

b) Long Term Pain
The Clinic database of over 10 000 patients has conclusively shown that Plantar Fasciitis is a weight bearing (standing up) functional abnormality of the bone structure in the feet. This allows body weight to overload the fibrous band of tissue connecting the metatarsals (toes) to the calcaneous (heel bone) i.e. the plantar fascia, causing it to tear.

NB: For this tissue to repair it requires rest. The Clinic has designed and engineered a unique form of support formulated around the heel position to fit inside shoes supporting feet from the excess forces of body weight.


This is not a standard arch based orthotic (See FAQS)


  • Greater comfort for patients on their feet and general walking
  • Improved accuracy and support
  • Greater flexibility for running and sideways motion sports – football, netball, tennis etc
  • Better fit for ladies shoes

By providing the microfibre tears with essential rest, the tissue has the opportunity to repair. The support is then combined with a strict programme of exercises, cryotherapy (correct icing procedure) and with supportive footwear allow the continuation of daily activities. For exercise and sports speak to a consultant.

2. Achilles Tendon Treatment

The Achilles Tendon can become torn due to strain and tension on the fibrous attachment to the calcaneous (heel bone). If, after correct conservative treatment the Achilles has not repaired, there may be an underlying abnormality in foot function during gait. The additional forces from running, work or lateral and medial movement sports will aggravate the condition.

Applying the Clinic’s unique form of support and control we have achieved vastly improved rates of success compared with standard arch based devices. This is also complimented by appropriate exercises and footwear.

3. Severs Treatment

This ailment in children is an Achilles strain at the growth plate of the heel. Treatment is as per the Achilles in adults.
NB: If Severs is not addressed in early years correctly it may become an ongoing ailment into adult life.
Clinic Consultants: Our consultants are highly experienced Musculoskeletal Podiatrists specialising in the field of foot biomechanics under load. In Sydney there is also an Exercise Physiologist for soft tissue injuries.
Appointments: Usually can be made within 10 days and everything that is required for treatment is completed in one visit.
For more information or to book a consultation phone us on 1300 855 853 or Enquire Online. We currently consult in Sydney, Parramatta, and Brisbane.


An appointment with the Clinics musculoskelatal Podiatrists will provide you with initially a diagnosis and identification of the source of pain: essential for treatment. This appointment incorporates a comprehensive functional load bearing (standing) assessment, measuring joint movements and soft tissue tension. With advanced digital software corrective calcaneal (heel bone) angles in static and motion positions will also be calculated.

From this assessment the source and the treatment options will be determined.

Many patients travel from interstate and rural areas, therefore only one appointment is required to initiate treatment.

Consultation time: 45-60 minutes.

For more information contact us on 1300 855853 or email us at heelclinic@mail.com 1300 855 853

Steps to your recovery


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